Monday, May 4, 2009

a word on the presentation links

Rather than lead my readers leaping and bounding through a Prezi or Ludovico-treat-them-to a powerpoint, I decided to assemble a few key videos from YouTube to form the cornerstones of my presentation.

eisensteinian collision
Here is a wonderfully graphic and explicit example of a user-generated remix. Using only basic communist film theory in conjunction with Zamzar and a twisted sense of humor, we see the saccharine innocence of kids' TV collide with the violently sexist message of Lil' Jon and as a result - we laugh like hell. Oh the possibilities...

damn copyright hawks
My own attempt at user-generated content feat. Zamzar and Final Cut Pro. The eerie silence you hear is the result of YouTube's copyright hawk - a program that scans your videos for copyrighted songs (it is immune to EQ'ing, pitch-bending, re-recording... essentially all pirate stand-bys) and cuts out the video's tongue. While it is frustrating that I cut the entire video (using clips from Berkeley in the 60's and The Last Picture Show) to the song, it is a perfect example of an obstacle a user-generator may face and also brings up Zamzar's usefulness as a means of capturing soon-to-be-censored videos.

the mother of all funk chords
After my frustrating brush with copyright law I wondered how I could sidestep my way into an original soundtrack and stumbled upon someone who had already perfected this. How about a song constructed entirely of how-to videos for musical instruments. The funk exists in the ether- assemble it as you see fit.

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