Tuesday, February 17, 2009

still more blogs

High past time for another post. Today, hypothetical readers, lets take a look at more blogs that are in one way or another related to mine, although at this point you wouldn't know it considering all posts thus far have been devoted to similar purposes. I'll rephrase my original statement - blogs that are in one way or another related to what I think my blog might very well turn out to be when I theoretically write about something else other than other blogs. That was the only griping run-on sentence for this post - I promise.

Lets jump right in with Will Video For Food - a blog about several things - most importantly online video, viral marketing and 'blatant self promotion.' Run by web comedian Kevin Nalts, (described in a hilarious little bit of said self promotion -"Kevin Nalts is one of the most-viewed YouTube comedians with nearly 750 short online videos seen more than 60 million times. And almost 7 people read this blog daily.") the blog is devoted to showcasing and commenting on whats new and being watched on youtube (one example: the much-anticipated video counterpart to the audio of Christian Bale totally losing it) and his own videos, which are funny as well.

Next we have Viral Video Wannabe, Run by Alan Lastufska, the co-author of a book called Youtube: An Insiders Guide to Climbing the Charts. Offhand I wonder if he's sold any copies, but his blog is interesting in that it mainly follows the production aspects of youtubing as a serious hobby/demi-career. Examplary posts include a how-to on contacting youtube celebrities and remedies for a uniqe strain of frequent-poster's block.

Run by the anyonymous 'Dr. Strangelove' (coincidentally my favorite Kubrick film), Watching YouTube is a blog that focuses on the evolution of YouTube and its impact on traditional media and culture at large. See interesting post about the legal ramifications of chronicling legal drug use on youtube.

And finally, on this list because it was listed by nearly everyone else as a source for youtube research data, is Viral Video Chart. Straightforward listing of the current top ten videos online and an incredibly up-to-the-second chart of videos being blogged about that refreshes so fast it will make you sick.

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